Is It Time for You to Seek Respite Care?


Every day of our lives is full of goals to accomplish. Each one of us has our own roles and responsibilities, and sometimes it involves taking care of another person. This could be a family member who is in need of support and who chooses to age in place.

Being a primary caregiver is not easy. Whether it is due to aging, a disability, or an illness, it requires time and effort. With all that you do as a caregiver, there may be times when you forget to take care of yourself. Devine Home Health Care Solutions is here to help through our non-medical services!

We are here to offer you caregiver relief in times when you need to attend to other important matters, such as the need to attend to your own medical appointment or that you have to go to school or work. Aside from that, we know how heavy of a responsibility it is that you have on your shoulders, and we believe you deserve to have time to recharge. Below are the signs that indicate you are in need of help:

  • Constantly feeling exhausted.

  • Easily irritated by people around you.

  • Losing interest in things that bring you joy.

  • Feeling anxious and/or worried at all times.

  • Finding it difficult to get enough sleep or not sleeping at all.

As we continue to provide high-quality home health care in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we are here to remind you that you must take care of yourself first before you take care of others. After all, you cannot pour from an empty cup.

Contact our home care agency in Oklahoma to give you and your loved one the treatment that you both deserve! With our excellent services, we ensure that everyone stays in good health.


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