Secrets to a Longer Life Expectancy


Life expectancy is the estimated length of time a person is expected to live. It is based on demographic factors like age, gender, genetics, and current mortality rates.

Many factors can affect the life expectancy of a person. It would depend on how he lives his life and how he follows healthy habits linked to a longer life.

Aside from the demographic factors mentioned above, here are other things that may affect the number of years a person should live: access to health care, hygiene, diet and nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle. These are controllable through proper home health care in Tulsa, Oklahoma, so it matters when an individual minds these aspects of life.

As providers of non-medical services, how can we promote longevity in senior clients?

  • Prepare nutritious meals that are also filling.
  • Encourage them to strictly follow their medications and visit their doctors regularly for prompt medical services.
  • Promote a smoke-free household.
  • Limit their alcohol intake.
  • Take them outdoors for exercise, fresh air, and sunlight.

Are these the secrets to a longer life? It depends. But these practices and skilled nursing may help somehow.

Should a loved one need assistance at home, you can trust our home care agency in Oklahoma. Our trained and certified professionals at Devine Home Health Care Solutions can guarantee safe and convenient care at home. We will be your partner in promoting a happier and longer life.

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