Aging in Place with the Help of Home Care Services


Although it’s not easy to accept, the majority of us seniors will need care assistance from healthcare professionals like those at a home care agency in Oklahoma when we reach over 65. We may be used to doing everything by ourselves; however, as we reach our senior years and our situations change, moving around and taking care of ourselves may become increasingly difficult. If we don’t like to live in a facility for seniors like nursing homes, assisted living facilities, etc., home care services such as the following will aid us to age in place:

  • Personal care
    It is the assistance provided when it comes to the activities of daily living like bathing, dressing, or meal preparation. Personal care can be provided by home health aides starting from a few hours per day to 24-hour live-in care.
  • Healthcare
    There are some medical services that can be offered in the comfort of our homes by trained healthcare professionals like physical and occupational therapists, home health nurses, social workers, etc. We can talk with our insurance or healthcare provider to know what type of services are covered. However, we may need to shoulder some of the cost ourselves.
  • Household maintenance
    We need much work to keep our household running well. If doing household tasks like doing the laundry, housekeeping, shopping, etc., becomes difficult for us, we can avail of the non-medical services of home care to address this issue. We can also receive assistance in staying on top of our bills and appointments.
  • Home modifications
    Home modifications are needed when our mobility has become limited. It can help keep our home comfortable as well as accessible. Examples of home modifications we can do are putting grab bars in the shower, constructing ramps to lessen the use of stairs, etc.

At Devine Home Health Care Solutions, we have highly qualified healthcare professionals to help you age in place. Feel free to contact us about our home health care in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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